Testing: Refest Recap

I built a quick little installation for Refest using two Kinectrons sending data from two different places into a P5 sketch. The good news is that people seemed to get it, and were really excited about it. A number of people took my email to follow up, and I talked to Billy from CultureHub about possible future collaborations.
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Reflections on a Dystopian Internet of Experiences

“ONE OF THE first things I learned from my recent tour of the synthetic-reality waterfront is that virtual reality is creating the next evolution of the Internet. Today the Internet is a network of information. It contains 60 trillion web pages, remembers 4 zettabytes of data, transmits millions of emails per second, all interconnected by sextillions of transistors. Our lives and work run on this internet of information. But what we are building with artificial reality is an internet of experiences. What you share in VR or MR gear is an experience. What you encounter when you open a magic window in your living room is an experience. What you join in a mixed-reality teleconference is an experience. To a remarkable degree, all these technologically enabled experiences will rapidly intersect and inform one another.”
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Volumetric Video Tests

This week I worked on volumetric video. I first got Yao’s Processing code working with two Kinects. I didn’t spend time calibrating or moving the camera around, but spent just enough time to generally understand how things were working.

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