Hamza’s Journey: Storyboards

This week in Video and Sound class, we were asked to come up with an idea for a three to four minute film. We decided to pick the option: Find a short story and re-interpret this narrative visually.

Before settling on our idea, Eve, Adi and I took a few hours to bat ideas around. We started by watching videos that we each liked and some themes emerged. We found interactive video engaging, we were drawn to narration, graphics, and personal story, and we wanted to use on a serious topic.

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This week we were asked to create a short sound piece or audio installation with a partner.

Kevin and I both had partners that dropped a few days before the audio samples were due, so we thought we’d try to come up with something “simple.” We both like voice/opinion montages, and we also thought it would be good to have experience “interviewing” people, so we came up with the idea to ask people the question: What is your favorite food.

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Soundwalk Chinatown

A response to Chinatown Soundwalk.

Despite a few glitches—like some stops being closed because I went on an off hour, and my steps being much smaller than the narrator’s—I really enjoyed this walk.

I’ve lived in New York for more than a decade. I even lived and worked within ten minutes of Chinatown for several years, yet this walk brought me to new places and taught me things I never knew about Chinatown.

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