Beats Exposed: Project Updates

We’ve made some changes to the project since the ICM final presentation on Tuesday, which I wanted to make sure to note before making final documentation. We’ve updated the BOM to reflect the changes. It is available on Google Docs here. We may update a few more things in the next few days and we’ll make sure they are reflected in the doc.

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Stop Motion: Final File

Like all things ITP, this project presented a lot of creative and technical obstacles.

Originally we had wanted to shoot scenes at my house, around the city and at ITP. Then we realized that it would be really difficult to do in a week, especially with all of the moving shots. So we decided to limit the scope and shoot from overhead against a white sheet.

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Pcomp Final: Logistics

I’m excited to be moving forward with the wearable pulse transmitter for my pcomp project. The idea has grown into a larger collaboration with Aaron Parsekian and Danielle Butler. The three of us will be collaborating on the physical computing components. Aaron and I will be collaborating on the ICM components. Here’s a link to the project outline. Here’s a link to the tag on my blog for this project.

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Pcomp (not-very-final) Final Ideas

This week there was a lot of pressure to come up with a big idea. And I definitely buckled under it. To help me come up with ideas I started with Bill Buxton’s 10 plus 10 system. It was helpful. Nonetheless, after a lot of thinking, I’m still not completely in love with any of my proposals, but hopefully one of them will evolve into something that I do love. Here goes:
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