Stop Motion: Final File

Like all things ITP, this project presented a lot of creative and technical obstacles.

Originally we had wanted to shoot scenes at my house, around the city and at ITP. Then we realized that it would be really difficult to do in a week, especially with all of the moving shots. So we decided to limit the scope and shoot from overhead against a white sheet.

When it was time to shoot, there was no room at ITP for us. We decided to shoot at my apartment, but unfortunately that meant that we couldn’t take a production laptop, so we were stuck using an old version of Dragonframe on my computer. We ran into version issues with the 5D and ended up abandoning Dragonframe and just shooting photos.

Also, as we were setting up the shoot, our tripod and camera mount were missing plates, our AC adapter for the Mark III was broken, and one of our lighting cables was damaged. Luckily Lindsey’s roommate had a tripod that we could borrow, and we found ways to work around the other issues.

In sum, lots of challenges and lots of learning.

Despite all the issues, I think it turned out nicely for just a week’s work. Here’s the final.