Experience Invite

I had a lot of trouble figuring out what to build this week. I had originally wanted to bring back the psychedelic chandelier idea. I wanted to use the vinyl cutter for this. I tried a few times to find someone on the floor who could help me with the vinyl cutter, but I didn’t have much success. I know I could have cut the vinyl by hand, but I wasn’t completely sold on the idea, so didn’t feel it was worth buying all the materials if I wasn’t going to learn a new tool with the project.

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Multiples: A Kombucha Bottle Chandelier

This week our assignment was to make at least five of the same thing. I had some kombucha bottles at home that I’ve been meaning to do something with, so I decided I’d work on wiring them up as a chandelier.

I decided to use six bottles because I had a feeling I’d mess one of them up. First I figured out how to remove the labels and the glue, then I went to Lighting Plus to buy components, then I fitted the lighting components in the bottle caps, then put the bottles and the caps back together.

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