Research To Date

Here are my references to date. Biblio style TK.


Shawn Van Every, ITP Faculty—Shawn is my advisor on my original Datagram project and Kinectron development.
Patrick Hebron, ITP Scientist in Residence —General feedback
James George, Founder, Depth Kit—Volumetric video, Kinect
Todd Bryant, ITP Adjunct—General feedback, motion capture, HMD, gaming engines
Andrew Lazarow, ITP Faculty—Story development, general feedback
JH Moon, ITP Adjunct, Shanghai—Working with mulitple Kinects, possible project collaboration
Matt Romein, ITP Resident—Live puppeteering, Creating photo-real avatars
Kat Sullivan, ITP Resident—Kinect and movment
Greg Borenstein, creator of Skelestreamer, a streaming library for Kinect V1
Margaret Smith, NYU Physical Sciences Librarian—Research assistance

Microsoft room to room
Paper Mario
Ava I-Wen Huang’s thesis from 2016
Astro Noise by Laura Poitras
Kathy Grove
Depth Kit
Kinect to OSC
R. Luke DuBois, Surya Mattu, Wouter Verweirder, Shawn Van Every
People Staring at computers—Kyle Mcdonald
The Elastic Self—Tricia Wang

“Artificial Reality” by Myron Krueger
“Holoportation: Virtual 3D Teleportation in Real-time” by Microsoft Research

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