Testing: Refest Recap

I built a quick little installation for Refest using two Kinectrons sending data from two different places into a P5 sketch. The good news is that people seemed to get it, and were really excited about it. A number of people took my email to follow up, and I talked to Billy from CultureHub about possible future collaborations.

The bad news is that I came down with a violent stomach bug in the middle of the presentation. Unfortunately this made me pretty short with people, and I eventually had to leave early because I was so unwell. The biggest bummer here is that I didn’t get any documentation of “Face to Face” the little project I built for Refest. I had assumed I could get a few shots before we broke it down after the demo, but I wasn’t able to hang around long enough for that.

The big takeaway is that Refest reinforced what everyone has been telling me: I need to build examples on Kinectron in order for people to understand what it does.

Follow up points from here:

  • Reach out to Billy at CultureHub for possible future collab
  • Set up Face to Face again to do documentation