Midterm Drawings

For my Piecing It Together midterm I am thinking about building a prototype of a clock that my dad has been talking about for a few years.

The clock uses a visual clue to let you know if it is before or after half past the hour. So, instead of showing the hour first all the time, it shows the minutes before the upcoming hour if they are leading up to the hour, and the minutes after the hour if it’s the first 30 minutes after the hour. For example, 3:31 would be 29:4. But the hour is always visually larger to make it easier to decipher the time. It may or may not sense in practice, but I thought it would be fun to try to build it.

For the design, I was really inspired last semester by Phil’s iPhone speaker design. I added that and some other inspiration to a Pinterest board to get a sense of what the look and feel could be.

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My first digital drawing is above, and here’s my original hand sketch from last week: