Team Brown Week 1

This week we started working together in our groups. I’m with Mahe and Jarrett in Team Brown. Here’s what we came up with.

Our idea is a “grown up” version of Disney’s Small World, taking cues from Burning Man art and landscape. Character design from Cirque du Soleil Kurious VR, Fantasia. The experience has a linear flow, as if you are on a ride (similar to Disney’s Small World), but you have the ability to move around during the experience. You can reach out and touch/collide with elements and interact with characters as you pass by. It’d be nice to do an underwater scene, if possible.

Some important elements are:

  • Restricted movement inside a boat, can’t leave boat
  • Emissive lights attached to body parts and sculptures,see Burning Man
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Boat’s on rails, always moving
  • LOOK UP: going underwater
  • Do gooey materials on different structures

Here’s our moodboard.

And a video of our draft world.