Sentences: Completeness

In Designing for Live Performance this week, we read “The Completeness” by Itamar Moses and were tasked with writing a series of sentences to describe the play.

One Simple Sentence

The Completeness is about the desire for fulfillment.

One Complex Sentence

“The Completeness” is about graduate students seeking fulfillment through partnership, and learning more about themselves in the process.

Three to Five Sentence version of the story

The Completeness is a play about two central characters, Elliot and Molly, who are struggling to find fulfillment. Elliot and Molly seek partnership, but run from it as soon as they have a hope of finding it. They begin to see this pattern in their relationship with each other and consider changing their behavior by the play’s end. At the same time, they find similar ups and downs in their relationships with their academic pursuits.