Research Update One

Research Update

This week I met with Shawn Van Every and also presented my idea to the xStory group. I got some good references.

Shawn leant me “Artificial Reality” by Myron Krueger. I’ve started reading it and it’s really fascinating.

Patrick Hebron put me in touch with James George and Alexander Porter at Depth Kit. I’ve reached out to them but have not yet heard back.

I scheduled a meeting with Todd Bryant for Friday to see if he has additional references.

I also reached out to Moon because many people thought that he had worked with multiple Kinects. I haven’t heard back yet.

Here are some answers to the questions presented on the TJ:

What else is out there like it?
I still need to do more research for this. I am hoping to learn more through my discussions with James George, Alexander Porter, Todd and Moon. I also plan to ask the librarian 😉

How is yours different?
I don’t know the answer yet, but my hope is that it’s different because it is real time, cheap, and open source.

How does it improve what exists?
Tk. Need more info on what already exists.

What audience is it for?
It is for artists and activists. It will require some technical knowledge to use, but not too much, and it will be relatively inexpensive.

What is the world/context/ market that your project lives in?
It is used by artists and activists to make live installations and performances.

In your initial research, have you found something you didn’t expect? Is it an interesting path to follow?
I’m really enjoying reading “Artificial Reality” and getting a historical and theoretical view to supplement my practical knowledge of the subject.

What do you need to know about the content/story?
Not sure yet…

What do you need from a tech standpoint?
More Kinects!
Better knowledge of C++ ?

Who are your influences?
Kinect to OSC, Kinect2, Kinectron—R. Luke DuBois, Surya Mattu, Wouter Verweirder, Shawn Van Every
People Staring at computers—Kyle Mcdonald
The Elastic Self—Tricia Wang