Lab 1: Calibration

We had an *exceptional* time doing the lab on Saturday. The goal was to calibrate the motion capture system.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Open Motive software
  2. Save your project in the right place!!
  3. Go to the calibration button in top right (1 of 4)
  4. Check that no markers are showing up in your cameras
  5. Click “Mask Visible” to hide anything that is being picked up by the cameras
  6. Calibrating the cameras
    Calibrating the cameras
  7. Take out the wand
  8. Click to begin calibration
  9. Wanding!
    Exceptional wanding technique!
  10. Wand until you have at least 10,000 samples for each camera. A good technique is to wand while in a spiral starting from the center of the room and moving the wand in a large figure eight motion.
  11. Hide the wand
  12. Click “Calculate”
  13. Move forward only if you have an excellent or exceptional result.
  14. Placing the ground plane
    Placing the ground plane
  15. Take the ground plane out and place in center of room with Z facing the door
    Click “Set Ground Plane”
  16. From here, change the view in Motive by clicking the place(?) button on top right (2 of 4)
  17. Rigid bodies
    Rigid bodies
  18. Take out rigid bodies and place throughout the room
  19. Select the groups of 3-4 points together, right click, and choose to create rigid body
  20. You can rename them in the left column by double clicking and typing in a new name.


  • Why does the Z of the ground plane always have to face the door?
  • One of the times we calculated we got a poor rating despite having over 10,000 points for each camera. On closer inspection it appeared that one camera didn’t have any points, however we couldn’t figure out where the problem came from. Any thoughts on what might have caused the error?