Welcome to Campbell’s Apartment

If all has gone well you are now enjoying a well-blended cocktail while sitting at the bar of Campbell’s Apartment.

The audio to accompany your experience is The Bowery Boys Podcast: #192 Haunted Landmarks of New York. Listen to it on iTunes, or listen on their website.

Their website also has some nice images to go along with the audio. Take a look.

Tip: The podcast can be a little longwinded, so feel free to skip forward to the section on Grand Central Terminal and the Campbell Apartment. Go back for the other stories if you’d like.

Podcast Timestamps
0:00 Intro
4:00 Central Park
6:50 The Dakota Apartments
17:50 Chelsea Hotel
32:50 Grand Central Terminal / Campbell Apartment
38:00 The Campbell Apartment
44:36 Brooklyn Bridge

You can read a little more about the haunting at Campbell’s Apartment, on Eater and DNAInfo. If you want some more history from the Bowery Boys, check out their history of Grand Central, or their podcast on ghost stories from Brooklyn.