An UnReal Environment

This week in Bodies in Motion we are creating a mood board about a world we want to build in UE4 and a character that could live in that world. Then, build a new complete environment with a standard third person character that includes three interactions.

For Big Screens, I’ve been working with some images of aerial nature photography, like that of George Steinmetz and BBC’s Planet Earth series. I really love the other-wordly aesthetic of these very worldly photographs. I decided to use them to create my mood board:


The world came out much more psychedelic than I was expecting at first. I made it night to dull the colors and make it feel a bit more serious. For my interactions, I put different color lights above three textured spheres. The lights go on when the character comes close to them.

Here’s a video of my world. My computer was running a bit slow, so the movements are jumpy.